Helping small businesses bid big.

BidVault has been proven to help smaller businesses win more bids.

From £2,995 a year, you can have access to our deep library of AI-searchable bid content, digital training tools, tender alerts and more.

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What is BidVault?

BidVault is a suite of software platforms, including a deep bid content library with over 200,000 words of ready-to-use responses crafted by our APMP Bid Directors, self-guided tender training tools, a tender alert platform, and more.

For most smaller organisations, the challenge lies in two areas: finding the time to write bids and having the expertise to write them effectively.

BidVault addresses both issues by providing tools that speed up the bid writing process while significantly increasing the quality and structure of each response.

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BidVault Basic Overview

Who are we?

As Bidding Limited – the UK’s leading bid consultancy – we’ve written close to 10,000 bids, and we’ve won over 80% of those.

We built our BidVault platforms to give our own team of bid writers a high quality, fast-tracked route to writing brilliant bid responses for our clients.

We’re now offering those same tools to small businesses to enable them to compete with organisations that have far more resources.

If you want to bid, or already do, and want to be able to write better bids more quickly, BidVault will transform your business.

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What can we offer?


Our simple-to-use tender search and alert platform. Never miss an opportunity with our intuitive software, built by bid professionals to help you quickly and easily find relevant tenders in your sector.

from £545 year

BidVault Basic

BidVault Basic is our flagship platform, providing access to our AI-driven digital content library, Knowledge Vault, our APMP-approved training course, Training Vault, and Tender Vault - our tender search and alerts platform.

from £2,995 year

BidVault Pro

BidVault Pro offers SMEs a powerful combination of our BidVault Basic platforms paired with a managed client bid library, wrapped with complete access to our cutting-edge bid-specific generative AI software.

from £14,995

BidVault Enterprise

Our bid delivery package allows you to be hands off and let us run the full process from start to submission. We act as part of your team, delivering exceptionally high quality bids on your behalf throughout the year.

from Custom

"We always felt like we were taking a bit of a shot in the dark when we were bidding for contracts. BidVault has enabled us to structure and submit really good bids without needing too much internal expertise."

Sales Manager - Construction Firm

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BidVault Overview