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Client Story – Heating Homes Ltd

Read about how BidVault Enterprise helps businesses reduce the time it takes them to develop brilliant, winning bids, and make the most of our experienced APMP certified team of Bid Managers and Bid Directors. With BidVault Enterprise, we;

  • Provide access for your teams to BidVault Knowledge Vault
  • Review, index, and tailor your bid library so it supports you and our teams to create bids quicker and easier
  • Wrap all of the brilliant content above into our AI language model – built in partnership with AutoGenAI – providing your internal teams with the very best AI technology available today
  • Write and review an agreed number of words for your teams – led by our APMP Bid Directors

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Heating Homes Ltd, a company specialising in renewable energy services, frequently bid for projects in both the public and private sectors. Despite securing numerous contracts annually, they faced significant capacity issues and often reused old bid responses with varying success. As buyers’ and evaluators’ expectations evolved, their outdated content became less effective, leading to inconsistent win rates. Although they had good content, they lacked clarity on which parts were strong and which needed improvement.

Heating Homes Ltd also struggled with engaging their internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) effectively. They tried to involve SMEs early in the process, but often received their responses only close to deadlines, leading to last-minute scrambles. SMEs, busy with their day jobs, found it challenging to focus on bid writing.

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Quality and Efficiency

Heating Homes Ltd often relied on outdated and inconsistent content for their bids, leading to inefficiencies and reduced win rates.

BidVault Enterprise organised, updated, and quality-controlled their content library on a monthly basis, ensuring access to reliable and current information. This streamlined the bid-writing process and maintained high standards across all proposals. Paired with the core BidVault Knowledge Vault content, this provided a best-in-class starting point for every bid.

Expert Involvement

Heating Homes Ltd had areas in which they scored poorly time and time again and – even with the best AI – this needed expert involvement.

With BidVault Enterprise, APMP accredited Bid Directors directly wrote and reviewed key bid sections. This expert intervention ensured high-quality responses and strengthened the overall content library for future use.

Less Time Pressure

Engaging internal subject matter experts (SMEs) was challenging, as their responses were often received close to deadlines, causing last-minute pressure on the team.

The improved efficiencies that BidVault Enterprise tools gave to the internal team meant that they could provide draft responses for SMEs to refine, allowing them to contribute effectively without extensive time commitments. This reduced deadline scrambles and ensured timely, high-quality input from SMEs, enhancing the overall quality of bids.

Our Solution

Firstly, BidVault provided Heating Homes Ltd with access to BidVault’s market-leading content library, Knowledge Vault, featuring expertly crafted model responses to common bid questions. This resource was crucial in addressing sections such as Social Value, Contract Management, and Compliance, allowing the team to quickly generate high-quality content without starting from scratch.

In addition to these tools, the BidVault team created an AI-ready bid library from the very best of Heating Homes Ltd’s past content. This library was meticulously organised, updated, and quality-controlled on a monthly basis, ensuring that Heating Homes Ltd always had access to reliable and current information. BidVault continually refreshed this client bid library by removing lower-scoring responses and replacing them with higher-scoring ones, maintaining a high standard of quality. This was then layered with a customised AI language model built by BidVault, underpinned by both BidVault content and the very best of Heating Homes Ltd’s content. This AI tool accelerated internal writing processes, improving the quality and speed of bid responses.

The final key piece of the puzzle, however, was the inclusion of BidVault’s APMP accredited Bid Directors to help improve responses Heating Homes Ltd in weaker areas. These experts directly worked on Heating Homes Ltd’s key bids, focusing on repeatedly poor scoring areas, actively writing and reviewing content, ensuring high-quality responses. This improved content was then fed back into the AI-ready bid library, enhancing the quality coverage of the client content and creating a compound effect of increased quality over time.

And now…

With BidVault Enterprise, Heating Homes Ltd significantly enhanced their bid quality and efficiency. The expert-written and reviewed content boosted the professionalism and competitiveness of their proposals. Heating Homes Ltd’s team could now focus on strategic aspects of their bids, knowing they had a solid foundation of high-quality responses to draw from.

The enhanced content library, regularly updated and quality-controlled, ensured that Heating Homes Ltd’s proposals remained current and relevant. The involvement of BidVault’s Bid Directors not only improved their immediate bids but also built a stronger content library for future use, feeding into the AI model for even better future performance.

As a result, Heating Homes Ltd saw a notable increase in their win rates and secured several high-value contracts. The improved efficiency allowed them to handle a higher volume of bids without increasing headcount or incurring high outsourcing costs. By leveraging BidVault Enterprise, Heating Homes Ltd transformed their bid process, leading to sustained growth and success in a competitive market.

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