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Client Story – ClearTech Solutions

Read about how BidVault Pro helps medium sized businesses reduce the time it takes them to develop brilliant, winning bids – underpinned by the very bid of their own content, BidVault and market-leading AI tools. With BidVault Pro, we;

  • Provide access to BidVault Knowledge Vault
  • Review, index, and tailor your bid library so it supports you to create bids quicker and easier
  • Manage your bid content library each month to ensure it’s always the very best it can be
  • Wrap all of the brilliant content above into our AI language model – built in partnership with AutoGenAI

Read on to learn exactly how the solution works…


ClearTech Solutions, a midsized SME specialising in innovative technology integration and IT services, found itself at a critical juncture. The company operates in two key sectors: digital transformation projects and managed IT services. While the managed IT services sector forms the core of their business with 20-30 smaller bids annually, each valued between £50,000 and £100,000, the digital transformation sector, although a growth area, sees only 4-5 key bids a year, with contract values ranging from £500,000 to £1 million.

However, the company faced significant challenges. Competing against larger firms with dedicated bid teams, ClearTech often lost out on quality in these high-value digital transformation bids. The crux of the issue was time: the team’s focus on numerous smaller bids left them with insufficient resources to develop competitive, high-quality proposals for larger projects. Additionally, their existing content from past bids was disorganised, outdated, and unreliable, meaning that they were missing a key trick in fast-tracking the writing of each bid that came in.

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Time Saved

ClearTech’s Sales Director was suffering from a ‘worst of both worlds’ situation – writing too many bids and none of them quite hitting the right mark because of the volume of bids that they had to respond to.

Just by providing brilliant model content to help them address key questions quickly – and by organising their past content into a usable format, the BidVault Pro platform enabled around a 45% time saving in getting to version one of each bid.

Strategic Focus

By using BidVault Pro, the ClearTech team were able to spend more time writing strategic growth bids with real focus, and refining their core sector bids.

By blending brilliant content and efficiency-driving AI tools, ClearTech increased their win rate by 25%.

Saved Money

Historically, ClearTech had outsourced bids when they had hit capacity but needed to submit something. This was often expensive – and their Sales Director spent as much time explaining their business, value and win themes as they would have if they had written the bid themselves.

Now, with BidVault Pro, ClearTech no longer uses any outside help and has saved close to £50,000 a year in consultancy fees.

Our Solution

Firstly, BidVault Pro worked with ClearTech to build an AI-ready bid library of their best past content. This library was meticulously organised, updated, and quality controlled on a monthly basis, ensuring that the team always had access to reliable and current information.

To add to that, ClearTech were also provided with access to BidVault Knowledge Vault, our market-leading content library containing expertly crafted model responses to frequent bid questions. This resource proved invaluable, especially for addressing common sections such as Social Value, Contract Management, and Compliance, allowing the team to quickly generate high-quality content without starting from scratch each time.

BidVault Pro integrated this organised ClearTech content and BidVault resources into a customised language model developed in partnership with AutoGenAI. This provided ClearTech with easy-to-use, bid-specific AI tool to drive faster development of quality bid responses more efficiently but – crucially – accurately.

And now…

The impact of BidVault Pro on ClearTech Solutions was transformative. With a more efficient bid-writing process and access to high-quality, well-organised content, the team could now dedicate more time and energy to their strategic bids. This shift allowed them to compete more effectively against larger firms, significantly improving the quality of their proposals.

As a result, ClearTech successfully secured several high-value digital transformation contracts, driving substantial growth in this sector. The streamlined bid process also enabled them to maintain their core business operations without increasing headcount or incurring high outsourcing costs. The improved quality of their core sector bids further strengthened their market position, ensuring a steady flow of business.

BidVault Pro not only helped ClearTech “clear the decks” but also empowered them to achieve a better balance between maintaining their core business and pursuing new growth opportunities. By transforming their bid management process and enhancing the role of their Bid Coordinator, ClearTech set a new standard for efficiency and quality in their bid submissions. This case exemplifies how leveraging innovative bid management solutions can propel midsised SMEs to new heights of success.

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