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Client Story – MarketEdge

Read about how BidVault Knowledge Vault helps small businesses bid like professionals with very limited investment, providing…

  • Access to a range of expertly written model bid responses across key bid topics, covering core categories including Social Value, Information Governance and more.
  • Video training content, delivered by APMP award-winners.
  • Signposts showing where to add your USPs, Case Studies and metrics to make your responses unique to you.
  • Tender alerts (coming soon…)

Read on to learn exactly how the solution works…


Sarah, the founder and CEO of a small marketing consultancy called “MarketEdge,” faced significant challenges typical for businesses of her size. MarketEdge, established three years ago, specialised in providing digital marketing and branding services to SMEs in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Despite Sarah’s aspirations to expand into the Public Sector and diversify her revenue streams, investing in bidding activities was difficult to justify due to limited financial resources. With an annual turnover averaging around £300,000, MarketEdge operated within a niche market segment, where contract values typically ranged from £20,000 to £50,000. Bidding often felt speculative, making it hard to allocate budget for bid writing support, consultancy services, or training programs. Consequently, Sarah and her small team of marketing specialists were responsible for all bid writing activities, with minimal internal resources dedicated solely to bid management.

Feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin, Sarah found that she didn’t enjoy the daunting task of writing bids. Writer’s block often hindered her ability to craft compelling bid responses, and staying updated with legislative, legal, procurement, and industry changes was challenging given the limited resources available. The difficulty of ‘just getting started’ frequently prevented Sarah from writing bids for contracts she knew she could deliver.

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Cost Effective

BidVault Knowledge Vault provided Sarah with expert bid writing resources at a fraction of the cost of traditional consultancy services, enabling her to compete effectively within her budget constraints.

This cost-effectiveness allowed Sarah to access professional bid writing support without overextending her financial resources.

More with less

BidVault Knowledge Vault’s comprehensive library of model bid responses and real-time updates streamlined Sarah’s bid writing process, saving her valuable time and effort.

This efficiency gain reduced the time and effort required for bid writing, allowing Sarah to focus more on growing her business and pursuing new opportunities, ultimately increasing MarketEdge’s competitiveness and potential for growth.

Unique responses

BidVault Knowledge Vault’s guided signposting feature allowed Sarah to highlight MarketEdge’s unique strengths and differentiate her bids effectively, setting her apart from competitors, whilst maintaining professional structure to her responses.

This increased competitiveness allowed MarketEdge to stand out in the bidding process, increasing their chances of winning contracts and expanding into new markets, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Our Solution

Sarah’s journey took a transformative turn when she discovered BidVault Knowledge Vault, a comprehensive bid content solution tailored for smaller businesses like hers. With this platform, Sarah found the support and expert resources she needed to overcome her bid writing challenges, wrapped into a single, simple digital tool available for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing a bid project to a traditional consultancy. This allowed her to retain control of the narrative and presentation of her company throughout the bid process.

BidVault Knowledge Vault catered specifically to businesses like MarketEdge, offering expertly crafted model bid responses tailored to Sarah’s industry and market segment. These responses covered common sections, including Social Value, Information Governance, and Equality and Diversity, which often posed hurdles for SMEs. The platform’s real-time updates kept Sarah informed about changes relevant to her business, ensuring that her bid responses were always current, compliant, and relevant.

Despite her limited financial resources, Sarah found BidVault Knowledge Vault to be an incredibly cost-effective solution. With minimal investment required, she could access a wealth of resources and guidance that empowered her to compete in the Public Sector with confidence. The platform’s guided signposting feature assisted Sarah in effectively highlighting her Unique Selling Points (USPs), case studies, and win themes, maximising the impact of her bids and setting her apart from competitors.

And now…

Thanks to BidVault Knowledge Vault, Sarah increased her bidding activity, quality and win rate without additional time investment, confident that her responses were professional and compliant. She now plans to expand her bid writing goals and growth opportunities for MarketEdge by capitalising on the places she’s won across multiple leading frameworks across the UK. BidVault Knowledge Vault has empowered Sarah to compete in the Public Sector with confidence.

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