The Future of Bid Writing. Now.

BidVault delivers simple software solutions designed to help SMEs to compete in Public Sector bidding.

We provide access to market-leading content, paired with our own language model, built in partnership with AutoGenAI.

Whether you've written hundreds of bids, or you're preparing to tender for the very first time, we can help.


The Future of Bid Writing. Now.

BidVault delivers software solutions to empower SMEs to win Public Sector bids, providing access to content platforms and AI writing tools that make your proposals stand out.

Whether you’ve written hundreds of bids, or you’re preparing to tender for the very first time, we can help.

Which are you?

Who are we?

The BidVault team is made up of bidding and digital professionals with decades of experience in writing winning bids and building solutions to make bidding an easier and more successful endeavour for our customers.

Having written over 10,000 bids under our Bidding Ltd brand, BidVault platforms are all built on an unrivalled understanding of what it takes to win.

We understand that time is the enemy of all bids. There are never enough days in a bid cycle – but with BidVault, we’re shifting the focus from rushing around to get words written, to focussing on submitting quality, compliant bids with less stress.

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What can we offer?


Market-leading content - including model bid responses across key areas including Social Value and Contract Management - available in one, simple platform.

from £2,000 year

BidVault Pro

Access to BidVault, plus our dedicated content team curating and maintaining a bid library of all of your very best unique content, structured, indexed and embedded into our bid-specific AI language model, built in partnership with AutoGenAI.

from £15,000

BidVault Enterprise

Everything in BidVault Pro, but with the addition of our APMP Bid Directors writing and reviewing your bids throughout the year to ensure excellence - and we build it all back in to your content libraries to make sure you can generate your own brilliant responses in no time.

from Custom

"We outsourced so many bids over the years when we reached capacity, but we found ourselves spending half of the bid window teaching the writers about our business. With BidVault, we have the benefit of structured, quality content all laid out for us, leaving us to spend our time making sure our business is represented in the right way - all for about 1/4 of the cost of outsourcing one bid."

Sales Manager - Construction Firm

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