BidVault Enterprise

The best content, technology and people – at your fingertips

BidVault Enterprise brings together all of the very best in bidding content, tech and people to deliver outstanding results. 

In this solution we take away the final difference between you and your corporate rivals; an experienced bid team. Hiring good people is expensive, but now you get to pay for them only when you really need them – and at peak efficiency using your curated library and tailored AI.

With our BidVault Enterprise clients, we;

  • Provide access for your teams to BidVault Knowledge Vault
  • Review, index, and tailor your bid library so it supports you and our teams to create bids quicker and easier
  • Wrap all of the brilliant content above into our AI language model – built in partnership with AutoGenAI – providing your internal teams with the very best AI technology available today
  • Write or review an agreed number of words for your teams – led by our APMP Bid Directors

Read about how BidVault enables businesses to improve their bidding here.

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Proof of our success

Bids written and counting.
Overall win rate underpinning our content.
Weeks a year. We update BidVault constantly.
Words worth of Bid Director level content, available to everyone.

With BidVault Enterprise…

Let us review, index, and tailor your bid library so it supports you to create bids quicker and easier.

Get an AI-ready version of your bid library that you can use wrapped into any AI software for your internal teams – or into one of our AI partner platforms.

Take advantage of monthly reviews to add in new content, remove what is past it’s best, and make sure all supporting information is current.

Have chosen bids written by the very best bid managers, and directors who both know your business and understand how to win bids. It’s a truly winning combination.


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"With BidVault Enterprise, we streamlined our bid process and improved our win rates. The expertly organised content library and AI tools let us create high-quality drafts quickly, and the support from BidVault’s Bid Directors made a huge difference. Our SMEs were more engaged and less stressed, contributing effectively without last-minute rushes."