BidVault Pro

AI-enablement services mixing content and technology.

BidVault Pro is the competitive edge that your teams need. 

With our BidVault Pro clients, we;

  • Provide access to BidVault Basic
  • Review, rebuild, index, and tailor your bid library so it supports you to create bids quickly
  • Manage your bid content library each month to ensure it’s always the very best it can be
  • Provide options to wrap all of the brilliant content above into our AI language models

Read about how BidVault enables businesses to improve their bidding here.

Organisations looking to implement bid writing AI platforms quickly realise that their content is not clean, well maintained or accurate enough to enable high quality responses to be generated.

Even the larger organisations that we’ve helped did not have a content or enablement strategy to go alongside AI, so implementing the technology alone left them spinning their wheels. We helped fix that with BidVault Pro.

It’s not just our customers, either. We’re talking from first hand experience. We implemented an AI tool around a year ago across our Bidding Limited business and saw significant variances in quality and usage across our internal team. Once we implemented a content strategy, along with dedicated content people, we saw a substantial uptick in the quality of AI responses.

How BidVault Pro works...

The BidVault Pro process starts with our experienced team auditing and evaluating your bid library. From there we build a clean, high quality and AI-ready bank of your existing content, including past submissions, case studies, marketing documents and more. Our content team then maintains this for you throughout the year to ensure ongoing quality.

We then pair that with our market-leading content library, Knowledge Vault, which is a deep bank of bid responses written by our senior bid people to supplement your library, excelling in areas like Social Value, Information Governance and more.

Finally, all of this content is then paired with AI – which either we can provide, or you can source separately.

The outcome? Brilliant first drafts, delivered in a fraction of the time and based on the very best content.

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Proof of our success

Bids written and counting.
Overall win rate underpinning our content.
Weeks a year. We update BidVault constantly.
Words worth of Bid Director level content, available to everyone.

BidVault Pro is perfect if you…

…have plenty of past bid content, but never really know if you’re making the most of it

…want to bid more often, with better quality but with the same staff numbers

…would like to stop outsourcing bids when your internal teams are at capacity

…know AI can save time, but that it’s only as good as the library it draws from

…need to compete with corporate bid teams, but don’t have the budget for similar solutions or people


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"BidVault Pro transformed our entire bid-writing process. With streamlined access to high-quality content and advanced AI tools, we could focus more on strategic bids, which allowed us to secure several high-value digital transformation contracts and significantly improve our market position in both core and growth sectors."